Challenges and Solutions

Automation has become an essential part of modern businesses, helping to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and reduce human errors. Let’s explore some of these challenges and potential solutions:

The Challenge

Are your current monitoring packages limiting you to what devices and systems can be monitored?

Our Solution

Vigilance Flow fills the gaps in Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools and allows for monitoring of any platform that processes email alerts.

Is your signal-to-noise ratio off causing
alert fatigue?

Vigilance Flow gives you complete control over eliminating false-positives and white noise, allowing you to take action and spend valuable time on only the alerts that require research and resolution.

Are your alert systems generating erroneous tickets within your (PSA) Platform?

Vigilance Flow can monitor alerts from any system, application, service, or platform all in one place.

Do you have high-cost resources spending valuable work hours on mundane alert triage?

Vigilance Flow has the algorithms, filtering capability and data needed for escalations to ensure the tickets created within your PSA software are truly needed, actionable and have the correct severity coded to ensure SLA's are met.

Are you upholding commitments to customers on the depth to which you are obligated?

Vigilance Flow enables the reallocation of resources by refocusing and automating actionable only definable tasks.

Vigilance Flow Solutions

Vigilance Flow facilitates proactive notification to the proper resource avoiding the need for customer reactive support.